1. Reading Yelp reviews of the gym I've been a member of for 4 years
  2. The intern I'm training smells really good today
  3. Entering every travel sweepstakes I get in my emails
    thus continuing a viscous cycle where I receive even more emails inviting me to win a trip to Punta Cana or Monaco
  4. Watching Instagram videos of cake decorating at work
  5. Just bought Dirty Dancing on Amazon video at 2:47am
  6. Emotional over the New Romantics music video from the 1989 tour
  7. Googling "does wine in a can go bad"
  8. "I will not pay for some crackpot old fool to teach him magic tricks"
  9. Just googled "is Marley and Me a true story"
  10. Updated my Tinder profile to "What is your favorite Tom Hanks movie? There are no wrong answers, but there is a right answer"
  11. Aesthetic: slightly burnt popcorn
  12. Crawling under my desk at work to retrieve my earring back, because I never stop fiddling with my earrings
  13. Had a chocolate milkshake for lunch today