1. Some of until favorite memories are of playing outside all day in the summer
  2. I'm the oldest of 5, my youngest brother is 8 years younger than me and we didn't live in the same neighborhood as any of our school friends
    We're on a busy-ish road next door to a church and across the street from a park, so there were never really too many other kids to play with
  3. Except our neighbors, who had 3 boys about our age
    Who went to private school, so they kind of felt like our own special friends
  4. They moved in when I was in 2nd grade, so all these memories were around the years 1999-2002, I guess I was 8-10 years old
  5. We were outside ALL DAY EVERY DAY
  6. For a few weeks one summer we pretended we were surviving out in the wilderness - we all had different jobs like hunter or farmer (gathered acorns and pinecones) and I remember hanging out in our swing set fort "making clothes" out of "rabbit fur"
    Literally entirely imaginary fur, I think I read Little House on the Prairie too many times
  7. One day we had a "mud factory" which is exactly what it sounds like, and I'm sure my parents were thrilled
  8. We played swing set dodge ball - we all had "our swings" on the swing set, and whoever didn't get one tried to peg you while you were swinging (no faces!) and you had to switch
  9. We played swing set obstacle course
  10. We played "Slime Time Live" were the brave ones/losers of some game sat in the picnic bench under the swing set fort and we dumped buckets of water on them through the slatted floor
  11. We played 4 square, using the cracks and seams in our patio as the boxes
    So many special moves and house rules
  12. We rode bikes and razor scooters in the parking lot next to our houses
  13. We spent an entire summer playing hide and go seek tag in our yards, where once you were found, or if you thought you were safe, you had to race back to the "home" safe spot before you were tagged
  14. And the best game of all: Spotlight. Hide and go seek tag, in the dark. The looker had a flashlight and if you were the first one spotted you lost and were the next one it
    We didn't get to play this a lot cuz my parents were ~*downers*~
  15. One day I made specific plans with the neighbor-boy who was my exact age to meet up at 7 am to get a head start on our activities...I slept late and totally forgot until I came downstairs and the babysitter said he had been waiting for me all morning 😩💔
  16. ANYWAY those were some amazingly fun, carefree days that I spent with my siblings and people I considered siblings...we just got to hang out outside, no responsibilities, and I would love to have another summer even half as carefree