Inspired by @Lindi's list of prompt ideas for Deltas...I'm not new here but "Favorite Places You've Thrown Up" spoke to me
  1. Outside a Duane Reade at 4am
  2. In a red solo cup, during a game of beer pong at a party freshman year of college
    Tbh I'm more proud of this one than embarrassed. The cup wasn't being used in the game, I just quietly puked in my cup and then disposed of it properly.
  3. Various friends NYC apartments, but all in the toilet, so not super embarrassing
  4. Senior dorm apartment bathroom - basically slept on the floor in there because the rug was comfier than my bed, until my roommate insisted I get out so she could pee
  5. In the bathroom of my internship at a teeny tiny non-profit - this was the summer that none of my other friends were working 9-5s so I joined them in drinking on weeknights. Oh to be 19 again...
  6. At a bar in NYC, it was a friend of a friend's bday party and I went too hard on the pregame
  7. Freshman year dorm room, puked in my mesh garbage can that didn't have a bag in it. My roommate was pissed, but it's all good cuz we're best friends now 👍🏻
  8. On Comm Ave (main drag through my college campus) walking home from the last big party of freshman year. I do not remember this, so that simultaneously makes this more and less embarrassing.
  9. At a Timeflies Tuesday concert
    Actually not sure if *I* threw up, but I ended up sitting on the bathroom floor covered in vomit so...
  10. In the middle of the reception area of my internship at previously mentioned non profit (the entire thing was the reception area and two small offices.) At first I thought I must still be hungover from drinking heavily 2 nights before (but also not really cuz I was a bitty 19 year old who didn't get hangovers) Turns out it was strep throat 👍🏻
    Bonus points for carpet