Advice is welcomed and appreciated
  1. I am going to my first wedding on Saturday, one of my college roommates, and I am just now furiously googling what is an appropriate wedding gift
    How much to spend, if giving money is expected or tacky, etc
  2. I already bought something off the registry for the bridal shower
  3. I was going to contribute to the "honeyfund" they have set up but I just checked it and the only thing left available is "shopping"
  4. Basically, just give them cash
  5. So I guess I'll write a check? That's normal right?
  6. I'm traveling Friday so tonight is all the time I have left to complete the following tasks, which I have been putting off for the last 2 weeks:
  7. Get a gift for the family I'm staying with for the wedding - edible arrangement? Dang those are expensive
  8. Clean my room/do laundry
  9. Pack
  10. Buy a card
  11. Maybe get a new purse/clutch for the wedding
  12. Get a pedicure
    (Probably end up doing it myself)
  13. Clean out my closet so my grandpa can help me hang a new clothes rod