Inspired by @ShawnKelly & a bunch of others
  1. Because my mom has always been the main breadwinner of my family
  2. Because my mom has always felt guilty about working when we were younger, yet can't stand the stay at home moms who complain they're so busy
  3. Because I'm the oldest of 5 and I'm always trying to protect them
  4. Because when I was little I would insist something wasn't fair and my mom would reply with "life's like that" or by singing "you can't always get what you want"
  5. Because my mom didn't realize that it's not average behavior for a 2 year old to be helpful in hanging wallpaper
  6. Because in the 2nd grade this boy was making fun of my friend during class giving her bunny ears so I did it to him and I was the only one to get in trouble
  7. Because the summer between 7th and 8th grade I didn't get a single phone call from any of my friends and I was too stubborn/hurt to reach out to them
  8. Because my mom has an unhealthy relationship with food and what the female body should look like
  9. Because I've thought I was over weight since the 8th grade, and when I look back at all the clothes sizes I've worn since then I clearly wasn't
  10. Because I'm good at standardized tests and I believed in high school that getting an 800 on my SAT was important and meant something
  11. Because my parents don't know how to communicate with each other and I think they maybe used to love each other but I don't get the feeling they like each other much any more
  12. Because I've never had a boyfriend, or felt that anyone I was attracted to showed interest in me