Trying to spend my money on experiences instead of things...mostly I've ended up doing both. In upcoming order:
  1. March 5 - Boston Ballet's Onegin
    Technically not my money because I'm going with my aunt, but we always do a fancy dinner and the ballet is supposed to be really good...also I just ordered the book by Pushkin so I can study up before hand #nerdalert
  2. March 17 - Devils hockey game
    I get emails from them constantly because I went to a game last were cheap and it's a great way to avoid the bars on St Paddy's
  3. March 26 - another Boston Ballet
    I don't remember the name...we have season tickets 💁🏻
  4. April 17 - friend's bridal shower
    First of my close friends to get married so all this is still exciting...and I haven't seen these friends in awhile so yay!
  5. UPDATE April 23-25: booked a trip to Minnesota to visit my best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. May 7 - another Ballet....
    Last one of the season
  7. May 13-15 - friends bday celebration
    Nothing's planned yet except to block the weekend off - this is something to look forward to because it's one of a few times a year our whole group makes a point to get together
  8. May 27 - Brother's college graduation
    He gets to join the student loan club!!
  9. June 4 - Brother's high school graduation
    He gets to join the student loan club on a probationary basis!!
  10. June 9-13 - bachelorette weekend
    Couple of reasons why this is exciting 1. All my college roommates are together again 2. My best friend is flying to me and we're road tripping to the weekend location 3. The weekend location is Martha's Vineyard, and I've never been there before
  12. July 16 - Wedding day
    Get to see best friend again...get to go to my first wedding...get to watch my friend get married and be so happy!!
  13. August 10 - 21 Pilots concert
    Saw them at Bonnaroo and they put on an amazing live show...bought these tickets on a whim with my Bonnaroo buds
  14. That's everything cool on my calendar so far....hoping to add an international trip sometime in 2016 too