I have not been raped or sexually assaulted, and it is not because I never binge drank, and it is not because I was never promiscuous. It is because so far in my 24 years as a woman I've been lucky enough not to interact with a rapist. For this I am grateful. Every one of these stories could have ended much differently, and for many women they have
  1. TJ's roommate
    It was my first party of freshman year of college. I had drank before but never without worrying if my mom would find out. I was Drunk. You were a senior and you kissed me on the stairs and we made out in your bed - it was the first time I had ever been in the same bed as a boy. I was very inexperienced, I'm sure it showed. You respected me when I moved your hands away from my chest and I left early in the morning, never having even removed my bra. Thank you.
  2. Rob's roommate
    My friend was dating Rob and I went with her to a party at his apartment. I had met him and a few of his friends before. We were all drinking and hanging out and when it came time to go to sleep I shared a bed with Rob's roommate who I barely knew so I wouldn't have to sleep on the floor. He stayed on his side and I stayed on my side. Thank you.
  3. Nick
    Nick was older and liked me all of my freshman year of college. I was a little wary of him due to his pony tail, leather pants, and affinity for heavy metal music. During the last party of freshman year I was feeling a little low on self esteem and I made out with him all night outside in the parking lot. I kept telling my friends I'd be back inside in a minute and he kept trying to convince me to go back to his apartment with him. Eventually my friends found me and I left with them. Thank you.
  4. Duncan
    We were acquaintances, had the same friends but didn't know each other well. We made out at a party and ended up in his bed. I was Drunk. There was a slight mishap and I became upset, and he immediately stopped. Then we stayed up until 4:30am drinking water and talking on his couch. I left abruptly without giving him my number, but he got it from a mutual friend the next day to check that I was doing okay. Thank you.
  5. Brian
    We met at a party senior year, we talked for a long time and I went back with him to his room. We hooked up a few times, I was never sober for these. I wasn't sure about sleeping with him and he didn't push me. Thank you.
  6. Guy in NYC
    I was out at a bar in NYC with a bunch of friends and started talking with a stranger when I went up to get a drink. We kept talking all night and the next thing I remembered all of my friends had left me there alone. I have no memory of them leaving. I was supposed to be staying with one of them, and I talked with the guy about maybe getting a hotel room with him. Instead we took a cab up to my friend's neighborhood to meet them at a diner. He left when I was safely with my friends. Thank you.