1. Still remember your sisters names even though I never met them
  2. Tainted my memory of one of my favorite bands (I liked them before I even met you)
  3. You've ruined lip rings for me
    It's unlikely I will ever date a guy with a lip ring again though so I guess it's okay
  4. You've ruined folded origami cranes for me
    Dumb tattoo
  5. When someone says they're colorblind I think of you
  6. The outfits I wore the days you gave me specific compliments about how I looked in them
    RIP green sweater/off white pants combo
  7. Sex-wise you were my first everything except kiss
    Actually I kind of like you for this because at least you don't have every part of me
  8. I still remember your birthday
  9. I haven't talked to you in almost 4 years but if you reached out I'd probably still respond