1. List app update
  2. Starbucks app update - my gold status through 2017 is gone and now I have to earn gold status before July this year? Honestly more stress than I need rn
  3. My job is boring me lately...I should look for another one but I feel stuck
  4. Afraid I'll never move out of my house and live on my own
  5. Afraid I'll never fall in love and get married and have kids even though idk if I believe in marriage like through the government and I definitely don't believe in diamond rings
    Just tell me now if it all does or doesn't happen for me and I'd be able to relax and accept my fate as a spinster
  6. My mom is away on business and she hates it and hates her job but honestly it's a bit of a relief to me that she isn't around
  7. Last night I dreamed I was dating a good friend of mine, weird because I have never ever thought of him like that and I don't want to date him
  8. Also dreamed that a friend dropped my phone and it had a huge crack but I couldn't be mad at her...was so relieved when I woke up but it's still worrying me idk
  9. The man I saw at penn station a few months ago who was passed out, splayed out on the floor, with an empty can of bud light in his hand
  10. My brothers graduate high school and college this year and I turn 25 which 5 or 10 years ago if you asked where I thought I'd be at 25, it would not be where I am
  11. This guy I was talking to on tinder messaged me but I haven't looked at it yet because I know I messaged him on Saturday when I was drunk but I don't remember what i said
  12. Actually writing this all out makes me want to throw up