1. I watched 3 tv episodes this week from 3 different shows that all guest starred Keegan-Michael Key
  2. Parks and Rec
    I know these episodes are actually hella old but they just put season 7 on Netflix and I spent all weekend watching it. Twice. 😭😭😭😭
  3. It's always sunny
    Again, not a brand new episode but I hadn't seen it before this week. Also Family Fight = pure genius.
  4. modern family
    This was a pretty new episode...weird for me
  5. And 2 of those 3 shows had episodes guest starring Dax Shepard
  6. Parks and rec
    As Andy's boss at the tv station who tried to cheat him out of the Johnny Karate name...booooo
  7. It's always sunny
    Didn't do *too* much here but a hilariously weird coincidence to me nonetheless
  8. This is either a strange coincidence or a CONSPIRACY aimed at me and my weird tv show viewing habits
  9. I will update if I find Keegan-Michael or Dax lurking elsewhere this week