Healthcare is bullshit
  1. My appointment was for 8 am
  2. When I made the appointment, the woman I spoke with said 8am "SHARP" 3 times
  3. I should have known better
  4. I got here at 7:50, in case I had to do any paperwork
  5. It's now 8:38 and I haven't even been brought in
  6. Lucky for me, I have a job where I can be late and won't be fired
  7. But this is ridiculous
  8. And I paid my copay up front, so that's great
  9. Update: they brought me back at 8:48 and I was out the door by 9:02
  10. If just 1 person there had acknowledged they were running late and apologized for it, I wouldn't still be so annoyed