1. Define exactly what goals I want to achieve and give myself a timeline
    For as long as I can remember I've wanted to "lose weight." I'm never going to be beholden to the scale, but I think it will be good for me to have a concrete way of measuring progress
  2. Actually measure out my foods
    I usually eyeball it, and I usually eat too much
  3. No. Dessert.
    [more than once a week]
  4. Go to the gym on days when I don't see my personal trainer
    I signed up for a personal trainer 10 months ago, it is hideously expensive. And if I don't eat better I am straight up throwing my money away. Signing up was a great first step towards keeping me motivated to work out, but I need to be better at self motivating and actually showing up.
  5. No Alcohol! It is literally empty, unnecessary calories.
    My biggest weight gain came just around the time I turned 21. Which was 4 years ago. I've always found excuses to keep drinking - oh but there's a birthday party next weekend...but I'm at a football game/concert/it's Trivia Tuesday and the waitress will be annoyed if I don't - I have no upcoming "party" events in the next month so I'm hoping it will be easy to try it out for a month. Also saves me $$.
  6. I already gave up soda 2 years ago and I drink my coffee black
    These are the first "quick weight loss" tips one always reads about, but I already do them and the pounds are still here
  7. Another "easy tip" that is often repeated is to drink more water
    I've tried a few times to drink the "recommend" amount of water, and I spent all day running back and forth to the bathroom. Its okay when I'm not busy at work, but that amount of peeing is not realistic. Also I hate the way the tap water at my house tastes.
  8. Cook healthful dinners at night, and then I can bring the leftovers to work for lunchtime
    The challenge with this is that I live at home, there are currently 6/7 of us to cook dinner for every night. They're definitely willing to eat whatever anyone makes for dinner, but it means I have to cook enough for everyone which is a bit more work. And it's hard to keep leftovers around long enough to bring to work the next day #brothers
  9. I love baking cookies and cakes and trying my hand at new desserts
    But our oven is broken so that makes it much more difficult to whip up a batch of cookies on a whim
  10. Li.st more about it, in an attempt to cultivate accountability 👍🏻