...or sometimes you live and you live
  1. The time I thought I could handle the spiciest tacos on the menu
    I did, but barely
  2. Any time I took a "road drink" in the cab on the way to the bar
  3. Making eye contact with the lotion kiosk guy at the mall
  4. Any time I'm drunk tinder swiping
  5. Every dress I've bought that was sew cyute but isn't petite
    I will never learn this lesson
  6. Trying to style my hair any other way than straight
  7. Most ballet flats
    RIP backs of my ankles
  8. When i was (am) a picky lunch eater and I told my dad I liked... yogurt (every day of 6th grade)...peanut butter sandwiches (every day of 7th/8th grade)... mozzarella cheese and bell peppers (every day of 9th grade)
  9. "Cheeky" style underwear
    Give me full butt or give me nothing