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  1. Wow I am so excited to see this band/dj/singer
  2. And I sure am glad they're playing at a small-ish venue so I can get right up to the front of the stage and really connect with the music
  3. Is this flask + the pregaming I did enough to get me on the perfect level?
    I can't be sober because bleh but if I drink too much I won't remember
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As requested by one of my fans ✨
  1. Do 100 push-ups
  2. Blow individual kisses to all of my Madame Alexander dolls
  3. Get naked
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  1. Great kisser
  2. Even better dancer
    Mostly just whipping and dabbing but still
  3. Was totally ok with me comparing us to Ross and Rachel
    And even showed me that Ross isn't the worst character on the show
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