The best and worst things about having a summer birthday

Let's be real- there are very few bad things about having a summer birthday, namely it being so disgustingly hot in Ohio that the frosting melts off your cake (this actually happened on my 15th birthday). But other than that, I'm hard pressed to think of any other negatives. Being born in July was pretty much the shit.
  1. Pool parties
    I was lucky enough to have grandparents with a pool who lived right next door (ok, so it was out in the country and it was a short walk through the woods to get there, but still...birthdays always seem more magical when there are slides and diving boards involved.)
  2. Rolling it into a week (or 2) long celebration of the Fourth of July (my birthday is the 11th so it's totally doable).
    This is also a great excuse for taking a vacation that week. I love that having "birthday week" and hell, even "birthday month" are widely accepted as an adult. My birthday was 11 days ago but I still got one more present and had another birthday dinner last night. Birthday Month, bitches!
  3. Not having to go to school
    I will admit, one major drawback here is not having a classroom party or having Mom send in rice krispie treats, but I'd still take the summer birthday hands down. I mean, who wants to do algebra. I don't. I want to eat ice cream cake. Obviously.
  4. Being tan in my drivers license photo
    Ok this may sound superficial but seriously- every time I renew my drivers license I look like I just got back from the islands. And it's a nice reminder during the dark, desolate Ohio winters that I won't always be pasty white and that summer will inevitably come again.