Ok, for some reason I keep thinking about my childhood this morning, who knows, maybe it's because my big brother @mnickwrites pulled me into this li.st business, but here goes, off the top of my head, the first 11 childhood-specific things I can think of.
  1. Lebanon Bologna
    I'm always surprised that so many people have either 1) never heard of this stuff or 2) immediately say they hate Bologna. First of all, Lebanon Bologna isn't Bologna (in my opinion). It's more like salami, is incredibly tasty with cream cheese rolled up in it, and according to my dad is considered dinner (while watching the shows listed in #5 below - my mom worked nights so he was doing the best he could). Oh and also, Lebanon will probably stop your heart if you eat too much of it.
  2. Quisp cereal
    I don't know why but this cereal always sticks in my brain as being fantastic, even though if given a bowl of it today it would probably taste like an off-brand version of Cap'n Crunch. But the little alien dude on the box looked like a Snork (remember those guys?) and for some reason I always wanted to get it when it was my turn to pick out cereal.
  3. Using the word "bleak" to refer to my childhood (my mother can confirm this)
    I don't know when this started and I'm pretty sure I didn't mean it at the time, and no my childhood was not in fact that terrible, but I guarantee you if you asked my mother what one word describes my childhood the answer would be: bleak. No kidding. I'll give you her number and you can ask her.
  4. Coonie
    This little ratty stuffed raccoon was constantly being fought over. But I'll admit it: I'm pretty sure despite all of my claims of ownership that it did actually belong to my brother. Sigh.
  5. TJ Hooker, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, Moonlighting and other shows I probably shouldn't have been allowed to watch
    This needs no further explanation.
  6. "I'm Going to Aunt Jane's and I'm taking with me a..."
    This was my family's version of the alphabet game we played in the car to make the trip go faster and get us to stop asking if we were there yet.
  7. Those weird sticky octopus things you'd throw at the window
    Wacky Wall Walkers? Is that what they were called? And they were only good as long as you didn't drop them on the floor and get them all covered in lint and hair.
  8. Moe and Ruth
    The two brilliant old ladies who lived up the street, taught us to ride horses, and paid us in quarters they kept in pill bottles to do chores around their farm.
  9. The Swiss cake rolls that were stashed above the oven
    Dad thought he was being clever with this hiding place for "his" goodies but all it took was some reconnaissance, a chair, and nobody in the kitchen to catch me.
  10. Playing hide and seek on the roof
    This was the single biggest "oh shit" moment of my young life... Thinking we had found the perfect hiding place from Edwin who was circling the yard below looking for us, my brother and I had climbed up the radio tower and were "hiding" on the roof when OH SHIT there's mom's car pulling in the driveway and what is she doing home early from work, and what? Of course this was all Mark's idea.
  11. Using tweezers to catch the biggest crawdad you've ever seen
    It must've taken like 18 hours to catch that thing, only to have mom tell us to take it back down to the creek where it belongs. So we did what all good children would do. We flushed it.