1. Unintentionally leveling your childhood home with your mind
  2. A chode toe
  3. One giant paper mache hand shaking hands with another giant paper mache hand
  4. Being publicly disciplined for taking too many free samples
  5. Freak death by piñata
  6. Your Sunday newspaper being thrown by a particularly disgruntled paper boy straight through your bay window
  7. Unexplained bruising
  8. The idea of Canada
  9. A handful of chickens
  10. Taking pictures of only one of your dogs to make the other one jealous
  11. Your least favorite cousin
  12. Asking a mariachi band to move on to the next table
  13. Sex mouth
  14. Intentionally opening your car door into your yoga classmates' cars.
  15. Having no one to ride this tandem bicycle with
  16. Clams