1. Curtains
    Literally just long strips of fabric.
  2. Sheets
    See curtains.
  3. Luggage
    Box on wheels. Not much there.
  4. Cereal
    Cardboard packed in different cardboard. Literally the cheapest raw material.
  5. Candles
    I can't JUST be paying for hot smells. There's gotta be something else to candles that we don't know about.
  6. Internet
    One wire. $6.99 tops from Home Depot.
  7. Health insurance
    I guess I'll just die instead.
  8. Nail polish
    Inefficient bottle size. Price-to-volume ratio way off.
  9. Being alive
    Should be easier and cheaper and filled with more puppies.
  10. Puppies
    *sobs uncontrollably*