...and definitely still do. @Mary
  1. John Cusack
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    Obviously number one and obviously stands the test of time. We were very specifically into more mature John Cusack, NOT Say Anything John Cusack.
  2. Ewan Mcgregor (specifically in Moulin Rouge)
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    Mary was always partial to the Duke but man this soundtrack still makes me weak in the knees.
  3. Ethan Embry (Specifically in Empire Records)
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    Oh Baby, you are sex! Actually this whole cast, including GWAR.
  4. Zander from Buffy (real name unknown to me at this time)
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    Not only was he friends with a bad bitch but he overcame his stutter to become a REAL heart throb.
  5. John Mayer
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    can't count number of times we listened to Room for Squares and claimed which songs would be our first make out song. We never got that make out, but we did get a mastery of this album start to finish.
  6. Sean Connery
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    We had a taste for the finer things in life.