Inspired by @olive . I got in a list app black hole and found this, I love the idea. 💯
  1. January 2015: New Years Eve party!!
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  2. February 2015: this mini garbage truck was rolling down my parents street and I lowkey loved it. It's so tiny and cute!!!!
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  3. March 2015: on the plane to Sweden 🇸🇪✈️
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  4. April 2015: a pig in a top hat.?!?!?!?
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  5. May 2015: this is one of my favorite photos of Ted and I. ❤️. We have a ton of goofy ones but this is an amazingly adorable normal one
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  6. June 2015: my dad is super cool and I love this photo!
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  7. July 2015: did an improv show. I look judgmental, but I was sooooo sick
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  8. August 2015: I went peddle boating in echo park and it was awesome.
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  9. September 2015: I was working as an extra on a tv show and I wore this. I still want it.
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  10. October 2015: Ted and I saw the bluegrass situation, I drank beer and was pleased.
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  11. November 2015: thanksgiving and the day before our one year anniversary. We're in ojai!
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  12. December 2015: I'm dog sitting for these pups and I love it. They are the cutest and sweetest.
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