This is a work in progress, obviously. Feel free to add anything!
  1. Photos of cats my boyfriend sends me
  2. Photos of dogs I send my boyfriend
  3. Things observed on set
  4. Things I ate
  5. Things I like at crafty
  6. Apps I like
  7. Things I thought as a kid
  8. Old AIM screen names
  9. Elementary - High School crushes
  10. My favorite places in LA
  11. My favorite places anywhere
  12. What calms me
  13. What I do before I sleep
  14. Books I read
  15. How I got those scars
  16. Old Facebook photos
  17. Stupid jokes
  18. Podcasts I love
  19. Stupid things people call me for at work.
  20. Bands you should know
  21. Things I do at a desk job
  22. Things observed in a Starbucks
  23. Things observed in an independent coffee shop
  24. Photos on my phone that make me laugh a lot
  25. Birthday parties as a child / teen in LA
  26. Things my high school told me
  27. Why this is my favorite app
  28. Fears I have / had
  29. My favorite one star yelp reviews
  30. My favorite one star Amazon reviews
  31. Weird things my boyfriend says in his sleep