I just updated my iOS and... Well....
  1. 🤑
    Is this guy sick from throwing up money? Or is he happy because of money!??
  2. 🗣
    Coughing? Yelling? Spitting? The blue vaguely reminds me of the old Facebook dude
  3. 🎅
    So this isn't new but why does Santa have a blonde beard???
  4. 🕴
    What is this??? Someone pls help!
  5. 📲
    What's with the arrow? Again, not new
  6. 📟
    Pagers don't exist unless you're a doctor or Kim Possible
  7. 💸
    WHY is this money flying???? Maybe it's flying to the mouth of the money mouth emoji
  8. 🕳
    Is this a hole?
  9. 📇
    Are these still a thing? Fun fact: I asked (and got) one of these when I was a kid
  10. 🈁
  11. 📠
    Lol fax machines