I Met the Love of My Life on Tinder

  1. We matched in August
    He liked me first. I messaged him first. His profile was a quote from arrested development and mine was from zoolander. We quoted them back and forth for a bit.
  2. We talked a lot.
    I have him my number and when he texted me the first time, I was so smiley that I walked into a pole.
  3. We tried to meet- but I was busy with work every day we planned
    One day, I had to go to the ER
  4. I tried another time, before I went to Nashville
    He was leaving the country for awhile, then going to SF and Portland
  5. We still talked
    When he was in Korea! I added him on snapchat too.
  6. We finally made plans to meet up!
  7. Two of my friends crashed the date.
    It was was super weird.
  8. I texted my friend that I really like him.
    My friend said he's never seen me bond so quickly with someone
  9. We kissed in front of a food 4 less
    Our first date was at Ucb sunset
  10. We got ice cream and it was amazing.
  11. He asked me to be exclusive (lol) super quickly and I was super happy.
  12. We spent so much time together
    From grocery shopping to a lot of concerts--- we'd always have so much fun
  13. We are a lot of waffles and watched a lot of soccer
    I became an arsenal fan and woke up at 7 am on weekends
  14. We decided to go to Sweden together!!
    It was sort of spur of the moment
  15. We moved in together
    It wasn't one of those awkward choices at all- it just fell so naturally and amazingly
  16. I love waking up next to him and falling asleep next to him.
    He sleep laughs which is hilarious
  17. He makes me feel so great about myself and I've never ever been this happy
  18. Love is awesome.
  19. You're awesome, @peepgarr