1. Water, after you've had minty gum
    It's so nice and cold and wonderful! ❄️❄️❄️
  2. The smell of coffee brewing in the morning!!!
  3. Super super buttery popcorn
    Especially mixed in with m&ms!
  4. Clean sheets
  5. Freshly shaved legs
    Especially when you have clean sheets!
  6. When you go the library and the book you've been wanting to read is there
    I live super close to one and I rarely have books on hold. It's amazing when I see a book I've been wanting to read and I love it.
  7. The smell of books
  8. The smell of rain
  9. Hot hot French fries
    Especially when they don't burn your mouth but they're still hot! 🍟
  10. When my BF sleep laughs
    I mean c'mon.