My boyfriend and I got food poisoning. The kicker? We got it from different sources a day apart. I wish I was kidding
  1. DAY ONE, TUESDAY NIGHT: oh god I have never heard someone throw up this much
  2. I need to get things from a drugstore
    But it's 3 am and I don't know what's best help
  3. Cvs down the street is 24 hours thank god
    And I had the nicest person help me out! She gave me an employee discount. I guess I seemed stressed (I was)
  4. I have been awake for 24 hours
    I am not used to this
  5. DAY TWO: Wednesday. Not working for either of us, I took it off because I needed to make sure he lives
  6. Slept till noon, both of us.
  7. Did nothing. Made soup. Wanted to cry.
  8. DAY THREE, Thursday. I went to work! Ted was better ish! Yay!
  9. Came home, felt OK, kinda had a headache (but that's normal!)
  11. I bet it's my period
  12. OMG it's not
  13. I feel terrible
  14. DAY FOUR, FridayWake up to a text from a coworker "hey, are you feeling terrible?"
  15. Can't eat anything
  16. Ted at work, because he needed to be there for a short day
  17. Tried to sleep
  18. Ted came home and we watched Jane the virgin
  19. DAY FIVE, Saturday
    Woke up. Felt a million times better. Ate jello and a smoothie from Porto's.
  20. Am doing nothing
  21. We both are exhausted
  22. But both find this weirdly funny!
  23. How did we get this from two separate sources??
    7 from his work. 4 from mine! That's how I know it's not a flu.
  24. Happy Halloween??