I'm a self-proclaimed cheese addict and this was not easy, but the benefits were actually (unfortunately) worthwhile...
  1. Weight loss
    Ugh, I know I know. But the fact is I lost about 5-6 lbs.
  2. Feeling lighter
    Different than the above. Every morning, I woke up without feeling bloated or uncomfortable or puffy – generally I just felt better.
  3. Goodbye face puffiness ✌🏻️
    I think this was the dairy. My eyes didn't look as swollen in the mornings! This alone makes me want to go dairy-free.
  4. Goodbye dry skin!
    Over the last few years, my face and scalp have been so dry they were essentially peeling (gross). I have been using a nightly moisturizer too, so it could be that, but I think my skin reacted really nicely to the lack of sugar and dairy.