and by read, I should say skimmed the first 35 pages
  1. Siddhartha
    subtweet J. Franco
  2. The New Jim Crow
    is likely sitting next to the pack of incense you got as a gift and never opened
  3. The Great Shark Hunt
    you had jet black hair and vibed sociopath
  4. Infinite Jest
    First 20 pages.
  5. Infinite Jest
    Almost got through the second half.
  6. Infinite Jest
    yeah it only took me like, 4 months?
  7. The Birth of Tragedy
    wrote your thesis on the guy too
  8. Politics And The English Language
  9. Paris 1919
  10. The Tipping Point
    You read it before Gladwell was famous though
  11. Chaos: Making A New Science
  12. Proust
    You weren't going to specify, and you didn't.
  13. As I lay Dying
    you pronounced the L in Faulkner
  14. Madame Bovary