parents are renovating our house and asked me to do some summer cleaning. Couldn't bear to through this masterpiece out.
  1. Book's cover.
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    Besides the murky lime green shading, I think the best part of this is the PWC logo at the bottom right. My older sister was working there at the time. Am now wondering about liabilities, copyright infringement, etc.
  2. Novel introduces conflict within first sentence, but it's entirely unclear and doesn't get any better as the book goes on.
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  3. Daddy's girl trope
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    Dad is an actor. Back from Las Vegas on this page, in Cairo 30 minutes later. I definitely didn't let time-space relations get in the way of my art.
  4. Weird familial formalities that were not at all representative of our real family dynamic
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    "Father" ??? "Career trip" ??? Concerned.