okay so this was during my year long rebound phase of dating / sleeping with a lot of people and that's fine totally completely fine
  1. i started talking to this boy i had previously gone to high school with
    he wasn't a bad guy. he wasn't the brightest but at that point it wasn't what i was interested in anyways so who cares.
  2. he told me he would like to go out with me on a date and asked me to go to the movies
    and i mean, i love movies so why the hell not right? WRONG
  3. when i said yes, he told me he didn't have a car so i would have to drive
    THIS IS NO PROBLEM TO ME. honestly, i would have rather that we would have driven separately just because it makes me feel safer, but whatever. if i'm the driver i am in control and that's okay. plus, even in situations with my friends we always work out a deal if one friend drives the other will pay, and i like it that way
  4. so we get to the theatre and don't know what to see
    he chose ride along (that's how long ago this was and i still remember how awful this was) and not an excellent movie choice either but i'll get to why i'm so mad about that
  5. when the person in the box tells us the price he looks at me to pay for our tickets
    and maybe i'm just crazy, but if YOU ask someone on a date i could see it being okay for me to purchase my OWN ticket. but to expect the person that you asked to go on a date with you to pay for your ticket as well their own is confusing to me¿ but i do it because i am uncomfortable and polite
  6. walking towards the theatre this scrub says "we" should buy some snacks
    i think you know where this is going i also buy snacks
  7. FINALLY get into the theatre and sit down
    and the fool tries to make out with me in this movie like we are 12 years old. IM NOT ABOUT TO MISS A MOVIE THAT I BASICALLY JUST DROPPED $50 ON boy bye
  8. by the time the movie ends i'm dying to get out
  9. I drive him back home and he tells me we should go out again soon
    like i'm not ballin on a budget and can afford to support a scrub? NAH
  10. never ever again