More of a high school reminisce than college... I don't miss being a teen however...
  1. Studying. Learning.
    Yes. I miss actually going to classes. Nerd alert. 🤓
  2. Gelly pens! All the colors!
    I took fabulous colorful illustrated (doodled) notes. Which brings me to...
  3. Taking Notes.
    I elevated this to an art form. (Note. This image is not mine. Found on the interwebs. But science is my jam. 🔬)
  4. Organizer.
    Yes. I went to high school before cell phones were for teens. It was the era of pagers. (Remember when you and your friends had pagers?!?)
  5. Seeing my friends!
    Maybe this should be further up my list? 😂
  6. New flannel shirts.
    I won't lie. I still love me flannels. And plaid. (Yes. That's me. From this summer. Still in flannel.)
  7. Playing in the orchestra, band, jazz band...
    There's nothing quite like playing in a symphony orchestra...
  8. Picking out my Jansport backpack.
    And hoping it would survive the year without getting zipper disease...
  9. My trusty graphing calculator.
  10. New Shoes.
    My fav pair? My purple suede doc martins.