Just trying to learn about the world.
  1. Smoked a joint in a cemetery with a man who picked me up hitchhiking
    Uber cancelled on me twice in a row so I decided I'd show them by hitchhiking down sunset (daylight). A man picked me up within a few minutes. He asked if I'd mind stopping at his mother's grave site since it was on the way to my destination. We patted her grave and I listened to him story tell while we shared a joint in her honor.
  2. Brushed a homeless mans cat
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    I was running / (looking for a reason to take a break from running) when I saw a homeless man living in a tent on the LA river. He waved me over and asked if I wanted to brush his cat named "little girl." I sat there for two hours.
  3. Learned German with a man at the charging station when our flight was delayed
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  4. Watched the sunrise at the Eiffel Tower with an Arabian arms dealer
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    We smoked a Cuban cigar and listened to Aerosmith "I don't want to miss a thing" on his iPhone while watching a man do tai chi. It was my first night in Paris.
  5. Drank whiskey with a man in Mcdonalds (who was also carrying around a mini bar whiskey bottle)
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    Lost my wallet two days later. Turned up at the Venice police dept. officer who found it said he went through "the abundance of male business cards" I had gathered in the change compartment to try to get my information. They all said they had met me but never heard from me. Then he came to my McDonald's drinking buddy who gave the officer my email address so that he could contact me and return my wallet. Always talk to strangers.
  6. Had pineapple fed to me by the man beside me on last weeks flight to LA
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    He then introduced me to this app. Everything happens for a reason.