1. Finding a paragraph in a book that really just hits you hard so you go back over it another four or five times just to let it sink in
  2. Walking back into your childhood home after months of being away to find that everything is exactly the same as the day you left
  3. Being so excited about something that happened that you just HAVE to call your mom and tell her about it because it wouldn't seem real until she knew too
  4. Getting a better grade on an assignment you were almost certain you didn't do well on
  5. Discovering your favorite artist is releasing a new album
  6. Forcing your friends to watch your favorite show or listen to your favorite band only for them to get just as into it as you are
  7. Bonding with strangers when you complain about the same thing in passing
  8. The season finales of Parks and Recreation and The Office
    No shows will ever have more satisfying ends than those two
  9. Realizing you've been talking on the phone with your mom/best friend for over an hour but didn't realize how much time had passed
  10. When the two characters on your favorite show/book finally get together after what feels like decades of sexual tension
  11. When your friends buy you little gifts out of no where for no other reason than it reminded them of you
  12. When someone you don't know very well goes out of their way to tell you if they like your outfit
  13. Going to bed knowing that you don't have anything to do the next day. No alarms. No pending assignments or work.
  14. Crossing off the last item on your to-do list