Lifetime is here to remind everyone (ladies) of how walking through an empty parking garage, alone, can lead to you discovering that your husband is a secret murderer with a second wife in Atlanta.
  1. The Night Before Divorce
    Cynthia is the costume designer for her daughters Halloween play. The night before opening night she discovers a haunting secret...her husband is a warlock and he's turning the children into pumpkins for his magical stew! Will Cynthia find the strength to survive her tragedy?
  2. Pumpkin Spice Spouse
    Terry is the manager of a stationary card store! She's literally the busiest person on the planet! SHE HAS NO TIME FOR LOVE! BUT THEN, her enemy, Marie, the manager of the computer store down the street (Marie is really into e-cards and thinks paper is pure shit), throws a volcano hot pumpkin spice latte in Terry's face! Terry doesn't have a face, has lost her love of PSL's but she's still really into stationary cards...will she find love?
  3. Fall Into My Arms
    After a lifetime of heartaches, Carol is ready to find her soulmate! She joins the local cult and immediately weds the leader, Jonathan (no last name...mystery!), after a really chill trust fall session in the woods. Carol moves into Jonathan's isolated cabin to live out her life of love when she discovers a dirty secret...Jonathan refuses to celebrate thanksgiving! Will Carol miss out on her annual pumpkin pie feast 2K15 or will she accept Jonathan despite his fall flaws?
  4. Leaf It To Susan
    Expert tree trimmer Susan has a secret. She's pregnant! But is it her husbands child? No! Susan might have the skills to perfectly trim a spruce but can she finally tell her husband, Dennis, that the little boy he has loved for the past decade is actually the spawn of his nemesis and next door neighbor, Steve!
  5. The Pump-kin Tales
    Denise is stuck working the backroom at Payless until she can pay off her husbands gambling debts! While carving her annual pumpkin for Halloween, Denise discovers a tiny Pumpkin Genie that promises her one special wish! Only one! But Denise can't choose! Denise is surging with joy and fear!!! Denise is filled with so many regrets that she can undo!!!! Denise explodes.