I'm talking some of the best I've encountered anywhere in my travels.
  1. Jackson Hole Wyoming
    Only on Saturdays on the village green. The bluegrass music , the maple syrup aged in bourbon casks , the succulent peaches. The surrounding Tetons - it's all great.
  2. Ljubljana Slovenia.
    Vegetables that come from all around the Balkans and Italy like radicchio from Trieste and sorrel from the mountain passes around Lake Bled. Also great food trucks with smoked cheeses and trouts.
  3. Budapest Hungary
    We spent a year living on the Danube a few years ago. A great delight was the Friday market across from the magnificent Austro Hungarian Parliament building. Walnuts fresh from the shell , hot twisted breads , potatoes and cabbage of course, fruit flavored Palinka which is a favorite Hungarian grappa. Paprika. Hot. Sweet or spicy. And the local farmers dressed in traditional country garb.
  4. Budapest Hungary
    The Sunday market at the Szimpla Bar. Not only is this the most popular and vast multi chambered ruin bar in the city but it is the site of a marvelous Sunday market. Popular foods are pickles , cherry preserves , peppers , homemade pot cheeses , strudels. All this to the accompaniment of traditional folk music.
  5. Dingle Ireland
    The usual yummy produce but here one can also find really smashing knits from local artisans. And most everyone is happy and slightly hungover from the late night music session at the pub.
  6. Berlin
    The Saturday market at Kollwitzplatz in Prenzlauer Berg. Though I am a vegetarian I would be remiss in not mentioning the array of smoked meats. Not to be missed is the freshly brewed coffee and of course fabulous cakes. All offered with a good dollop of schlag.
  7. Sarasota Florida
    Probably at any time of the year. This is a huge market. All that citrus and macadamia nuts but best of all was the guy making huge tubs of guacamole. It's worth waiting in line just to be a witness to this. And it's pretty damn tasty too.