I already love him like my own.
  1. After months of horror and paralysis due to the message on my canon camera that flashed "communication error "every time I tried to download my pictures , he got the job done. I didn't even have to resort to my usual begging routine.
  2. Rather than lounge about in the tv room he led her my daughter by the hand into the kitchen where together they would assist me in the making of matzo balls. My heart is fluttering.
  3. He is American and Israeli and is teaching her hebrew.
  4. Like my daughter he too has a parent who is a Rabbi. So he gets it. And for extra added bonus we even share the Auschwitz story.
  5. As we drive to Boston right now he and my daughter are creating a family tree of the entire extended family he is about to meet. And he seems quite undaunted by it all.
  6. He plays the piano. I love this guy.