My 21 Favorite Films

Truly my favorite. They fill my heart with joy every time I watch them. Keep in my mind, I won't reveal any plot, simply explaining why I enjoy them. Why 21? you may ask. Because 20 wasn't enough to fit them all.
  1. 1.
    Manhunter (1986)
    Truly a masterpiece of thrillers. Starring William Petersen, Dennis Farina, Brian Cox, and Tom Noonan. The first in the Hannibal Lector franchise, it was a box office failure upon release, not even gaining half its budget. However, it has gained a cult following over time due to its high stylization, use of real-life investigative procedures, and thrilling suspense. I love this film due to the fantastic, in-depth acting, the great writing, amazing visuals, and the soundtrack. Oh, the soundtrack!
  2. 2.
    The Terminator (1984)
    This is probably this high on the list due to my "nostalgia goggles" getting in the way of anything I watch. I find the original Terminator film to be one of the most enjoyable films ever made. Sure, it has it's fair share of suspense, and some very intense and, *ahem*, adult scenes. I first saw this film at a very young age, (Perhaps too young) and have loved it ever since. I always enjoy popping this one into the VCR, sitting back, and enjoying everything for a couple hours.
  3. 3.
    Midnight Run (1988)
    Another film I love because of my "nostalgia goggles". This film stars Robert DeNiro, and Charles Grodin, and Dennis Farina. I truly adore this film. I remember watching it three times all in one sitting because of how much I enjoyed. The interaction between DeNiro and Grodin is one of the most genuine I've seen in film. The dialogue is witty, the characters are witty, the plot is witty, everything about this film is witty. A classic.
  4. 4.
    The Big Lebowski (1998)
    This was a very tough decision to put after Midnight Run. Both are comedies, and it's hard for me to find a comedy I enjoy this much. The Big Lebowski stars Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi, and so many others. I don't think I've ever laughed so much during a film than when I first saw The Big Lebowski. The Coen Brothers are truly masters of the art of film. (You might see another one of their films on this list too!) The whole entire film is just so amazingly hilarious.
  5. 5.
    The French Connection (1971)
    What is there to say? This is hailed as one of the greatest films ever made, and rightly so. Gene Hackman, Roy Schneider, and Fernando Ray and some of the most talented actors I've seen. They make this film come alive.
  6. 6.
    Fight Club (1999)
    Fight Club is the most brutally honest film I've seen. It has a point, and it's makes it's point abundantly clear: our generation is nothing, the corporations are nothing, self-improvement is nothing, everything is nothing. (Truly a nihilistic film). Brad Pitt and Ed Norton star in this film, and they are amazing together. This film is a must-see for everyone, but at the same time, if you don't like blood or fighting...
  7. 7.
    Silence of the Lambs (1991)
    Has it become clear yet that I love Hannibal Lector? Like the French Connection, what is there to say about the film? It's a masterpiece, plain and simple, and deserved the accolades it received. While I prefer Brian Cox's more chillingly psychopathic portrayal of Lector over Anthony Hopkins more super-villianish portrayal, I still love Hopkins in the role. Jodie Foster is also amazing, she is empowering but also has an unwanted vulnerability to her. Also, Ted Levine is horrifying in his role.
  8. 8.
    The Wall (1982)
    My love for the film knows no end. My love for the album, Pink Floyd and all those involved knows no end. This was the perfect film to accompany the album, and Bob Geldof is fantastic. (All he really had to do was look uninterested and lifeless most of the time, but he did very well at it.) The animations by Gerald Scarfe are beautiful, and my only gripe with the film was that there weren't enough of them. Damn near perfect film, and easily the best concept album film ever.
  9. 9.
    The Thing (1982)
    My favorite remake. It stars Kurt Russell, Keith David, Wilford Brimley, and many others, the latter two being John Carpenter usuals. This is my favorite monster film, and my favorite remake. I use remake very loosely: it is "based off" of the 1951 film The Thing from Outer Space. This film is much different: it looks better, it sounds better; it's scarier. It's also soaked in my memories: I remember having arguments with my grandfather about which was better: the 1951 film or this one. Amazing.
  10. 10.
    Die Hard (1988)
    Die Hard is another simply enjoyable film. I believe I've seen it about 9 or 10 times, because every time I spot something new. If you don't know, the film stars Bruce Willis and the late Alan Rickman. Willis does fantastic in his usual action hero role, and Rickman is diabolically great. A great film to sit down with some popcorn and your friends or family. But don't get the wrong idea: there's violence. A lot of it.
  11. 11.
    American Psycho (1999)
    I wish I didn't have limited characters to explain this one, because I could go on and on. It is not a slasher, it is a film about murder. And suits. And money. And the usual egotistical male mindset. The film is a satire of business and the wealthy, while also being a psychological thriller, while also being a film with knives, axes, nail guns, and buckets of blood. It stars Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman, one of the most unsettling characters ever made. And the book? Way, way more gruesome.
  12. 12.
    The Godfather (1972)
    I can't believe myself at where this film is on this list, but it's my opinion. The Godfather stars Al Pacino, Marlon Brandi, James Caan, and Robert Duvall. If you haven't seen it, you're living under a rock. Go see it. Now!
  13. 13.
    A Clockwork Orange (1971)
    If you're a parent, you know about this film. It's the one you don't let your kids see. Not until they're out of the house, or making their own pay. Well, I got my hands on this movie at age 13, and thought it was great. I understood it. I read the book, and became fascinated with it. It stars Malcolm McDowell, in a role he got robbed from an Oscar for. It's about control: over yourself and over others. Under all the violence, sex (consensual or not), and Beethoven is a true masterpiece of film.
  14. 14.
    The Exorcist (1973)
    One of the scariest films ever made. Period. I am not a believer in God, nor the Devil, yet this film scares me. Not because of the loud, disgusting, vomit-inducing moments, but because of all the quiet moments, when you truly feel the demons in the MacNeal home creeping around every corner. It stars Linda Blair in her only acclaimed role. The film set was plagued with misfortunes. Somebody, or something, did not want this film made. And hey, if it wasn't made, we'd be robbed of true terror.
  15. 15.
    The Dark Knight (2008)
    I hate this movie. I hate it it's so good. The Dark Knight ruined superhero films for me. It ruined them because I knew they could get any better. If you don't know, it's stars Christian Bale as Batman and Heath Ledger as the Joker, and he is what makes the movie. Heath Ledger as the Joker is easily my favorite villain role ever. This Batman film, even with a PG-13 rating, is for adults. Plain and simple. The themes and events are for mature people. And that's what makes the film so great.
  16. 16.
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)
    This about equates to a sin for putting the film so low on my list. This really shows how difficult it is to rank my favorite films, because I love this movie. Jack Nicholson stars as one of my favorite characters to ever grace the screen, Randle McMurphy. And Louise Fletcher brings one of the most hated characters to the screen as well. All the actors in this film are supreme, and show the dismal mood like they really are there. I love this film with all my might, and always enjoy watching it.
  17. 17.
    Alien (1979)
    Again I'm out in a very awkward position because I believe this film is truly one of the best, yet it's in a low position. Alien was the most frightening film when I first saw it, and it remains extremely unnerving today. It's almost like a slasher film in space: except the dumb teenagers are replaced with scientists and the slasher with the machete is replaced with a sleek, black, bug-like alien. Sigourney Weaver, as always, gives an excellent performance as an unlikely hero. Fantastic film.
  18. 18.
    Citizen Kane (1941)
    Won't say anything other than I love it greatly. If you haven't seen it, go watch it, now!
  19. 19.
    Fargo (1996)
    Here's either the second or first Coen Brothers film on the list, depending how you read it. Fargo is another amazing blend of two genres: drama and comedy. There's just enough black humor to render it a funny movie, but just enough dread and dramatic elements to render it a sad drama flick. Frances McDormand, William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi, Peter Stormare, and Harve Presnell give the performances of their career. Fargo is an unforgettable movie about crime, debt, and especially wood chippers.
  20. 20.
    The Godfather Part II
    Another film too low on the list. The Godfather II is filled with dread due to the death of many characters in the first film, and Michael (Al Pacino) taking over as Don. That's what makes the film great: it's such a departure from the first film, yet it keeps the same theme. I remember thinking this was better than the first when I first saw it, but I slowly came to other conclusions. I absolutely adore both films, and should probably put this one higher than it is, but I'll leave it, for now.
  21. 21.
    Evil Dead II (1987)
    Many people are going to be questioning why this film is even on the list. This movie is, honestly, the movie that made me see film differently. It made me see how you could blend polar opposite genres so well with such a low budget. Evil Dead II is the perfect blend of comedy and horror. It was the bowl of porridge that was just right: the first movie had too much horror, and the third film had too much comedy. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are geniuses. Oh, and I love Ash Vs. The Evil Dead.
  22. 22.
    I have many films that I like that didn't make it. These include: Terminator 2 (1991), Good Night, and Good Luck (2005), Battle Royals (2000), Hot Fuzz (2007), Black Mass (2015), anything else made by Michael Mann, and everything by Quinten Tarantino.