I work from home, so these two elderly characters are my water cooler pals.
  1. Nala is 15 and was marketed to us as a schnauzer by the relative who rescued her mother and was finding homes for the puppies - she looks nice with a schnauzer haircut, but she is no schnauzer.
  2. Mary Bear is 14. Last year she got out of the yard and was scooped up by some kind stranger and deposited at a shelter. They wouldn't release her to me until I weighed in on whether she looks more like a Portuguese Water Dog or a Bernese Mountain Dog.
  3. Mary Bear and Nala are playing a weird strategy game in our house. It's great to claim the different dog beds or sunny spots but the way to WIN is to claim the spot in the hallway where you can block all traffic.
  4. Neither of my dogs has any interest in human food. No begging, no table scraps, they won't come if you call them to the food bowl. Kibble twice a day but that's it, thanks.
  5. Also not interested in toys. If you throw a tennis ball they will just stare at you. Try to initiate tug of war and they'll just walk away.
  6. All of their attention used to be devoted to inspecting and patrolling the yard, but as they've gotten older they're less interested. Comfy beds and lots of snuggles and they're happy girls.