BC powders cure my headaches better than anything else - and I'm more likely to get a headache when I'm traveling. Here are some things you should not attempt with BC powders.
  1. If you have the slightest hint that you may cough or sneeze, take a moment to get that under control.
  2. If you feel compelled to answer questions as soon as they are asked, and you see someone approaching you with an inquisitive look on their face, do not initiate the BC Powder process.
  3. Also, if you are easily startled or hang out with people who tend to startle you, isolate yourself before you take a BC powder.
  4. BC powder + giggles = death.
  5. If you wonder whether there is enough water left in a water bottle to wash down a BC powder, there is not.
  6. BC powder and most juice/soda will make you hate yourself. Stick with water unless it's unavailable.
  7. Do not take a BC powder with sparkling water.
  8. Do not under any circumstances take a BC powder with grapefruit juice.
  9. You can take a BC powder with coffee but you should imagine what it's going to be like and brace yourself.
  10. Taking a BC powder as a passenger in a car is child's play and does not mean you are ready to take a BC powder while driving.
  11. If you travel with BC powder in your purse, it needs a safe container. If there is purse debris in your BC powder or BC powder loose in your purse, buy the expensive but fresh airport or gas station BC powder. Whatever solution you're thinking of right now is a bad idea.
  12. The obvious scenario is missing from the list because I can't bring myself to eat a dry BC powder.