Requested by JC


I think lots of things are the worst. Here are a few of them.
  1. Pigeons
    They're fat. They're useless. They get in people's way. It's terrible and awful. They poop everywhere. Like, why are pigeons even a thing?
  2. Waking up early
    This needs no explanation. Mornings are the worst.
  3. People who never shut up
    I don't care about your half-sister's ex-fiancé's camping trip. I don't want to talk this early in the morning. I just want to sit in silence and drink my coffee. Please. No.
  4. SeaWorld
    Because I watched Blackfish recently and it was super good but super depressing and I want all Orca whales to be free and happy
  5. Being sick
    Oh, what's that? You can't breathe through you're nose? And you're coughing? And you have a fever? But you also have a test tomorrow? I rest my case. Being sick is the worst.