I have a feeling you'll be wondering why you decided to read this...
  1. My name is Susan
  2. I am a weirdo
    If you're thinking I said that like I'm proud, you'd be right. Weirdness is revered in my household.
  3. I am a mom who tells dad jokes
    Oh yeah and they are bad!
  4. My dream job is to become a beachcomber
    My requirements are clear blue water, fine white sand, loads of sunshine and a little beach bungalow.
  5. In school I was known as the peanut butter kid
    If for some reason my lunch was packed with anything other than an pb&j (strawberry j) I traded.
  6. My adult nickname is Ms. Sunshine
    I didn't choose it myself, if I had my nickname would be Your Royal Highness, Your Majesty or something with equal magnitude.
  7. My favorite place in the world is the beach
    I like to sit there all day. No reading, no music, just occasionally speaking, munching and meditating.
  8. I am a wife, a mom and a Gigi I am not a grandma. I am a Gigi.
    If you'd met me you'd understand that I am too young in many aspects to be a grandmother. Even though my kid is old enough to be a mom doesn't mean I'm not old enough to be anything other than a Gigi. In my mind at least.
  9. I like to read, laugh, fish and have fun
  10. I love my Instagram account
    It's one place where I really let me be me. Well, I guess I can be me here too.
  11. Basically...I am a dork.
    I don't care who knows it and I don't care if people like it. I used to care about what people thought, but why should I? There's a lot of people who aren't very nice and well, and if their commentary doesn't add value, what good Is it??