1. Stress Baal
    Because it's squishy, splits and splats
  2. li.st
    Can't make a list about apps on li.st and not include this one
  3. Instagram
    Because I can
  4. Krome Studio
    Because momma can't take baby to Paris...yet.
  5. Relax Sounds
    Nothing beats falling asleep to the sound of the beach even when you're not at the beach
  6. Starbucks
    Because coffee
  7. OMG I Can Meditate
    Great meditative guide that I need after all the coffee
  8. Kindle
    Only when I can't carry all my books
  9. Amazon
    Because shopping couldn't be any easier
  10. iTunes
    Because I always need my music
  11. Pinterest
    To keep my laptop free of digital clutter
  12. Lyne
    Brain game
  13. Tsum Tsum
    Because baby asked me to play and now I'm addicted dammit
  14. 1200
    Reflex game
  15. IMDb
    To answer all the questions related to what you're currently watching
  16. Fandango
    Who wants to stand in line to buy tickets anymore???