I have acquaintances, but you know those times when you need a real friend to call other than your spouse? Yeah, I don't have one if those.
  1. I'm too honest
    People say they want you to be honest but they don't like hearing the brutal truth they just want you to blow fluff up their arse. That won't happen here.
  2. I'm too kind
    I have let so many people take advantage of me for so long I'm there in emergencies for others.
  3. I've lost faith
    I like people. I do. At a social gathering you meet someone new and have an instant connection, you meet your new best friend. But only for that night because life gets in the way and you never see them again.
  4. I don't follow social norms
    Not all of them any way. I don't care what a group of moms think of me. Yeah, not fitting in and being ignored sucks but I'd rather that than deal with the back stabbing and gossiping bullshit.
  5. Honestly, I'd much rather go fishing with the guys.
    I'm not what you'd call a tom boy or a girlie girl either. I can go fishing in the morning and wear heels and a dress in the evening although, I'd really rather live in flip flops.
  6. I am who I am
    People can't seem to accept that and that's fine because I don't want a bs friend or someone who has a lot of drama.