1. Holding my husband's hand
    ...still even after 24 years
  2. The beach
    The salty scent, the grains of sand on my feet, the feel of the sun and wind on my face and the cool water after sitting in the hot sun
  3. My children's laughter
  4. Hot coffee
    First thing in the morning and not accomplishing anything until I've finished at least two cups
  5. My wamom telling me she loves me
  6. Chocolate
    Rich, deep, dark, delicious sinful chocolate
  7. Fishing
    As long as my line is in the water I am happy.
  8. My grand baby throwing her arms around my neck
    Running to me, hugging me and telling me "Oh Gigi! I've missed you!" And it's only been a week since we've seen each other.
  9. Talking to my sister
    Talking to my sister about anything and everything