Ios and OSX. Mostly productivity.
  1. 30/30
    Time boxing app. See in real time what tasks you should be working on.
  2. OneNote (cross-platform) (free)
    In college? Taking notes? This app is great for note taking. Also has drawing capabilities for tablets and Windows (sadly drawing feature not available for Mac :[). Syncs notes in One Drive.
  3. Day One Journal (iOS & OSX) ($$$)
    If you journal on a daily basis, highly recommend. Best for on-the-fly entries. Markdown makes it possible to format wo leaving the keyboard. Tag search. Embed images. Easy navigation. Multiple journals. Workflow recipes. Future updates will have IFTTT integration. Cons: pricey.
  4. SelfControl (Mac) (free)
    A dangerous, yet extremely helpful app that keeps you from browsing distracting websites. The reason I say dangerous is bc this app will block those websites even when the app is uninstalled! If you want to go cold turkey (which is probably the best way) for a preset duration, this will do the job.
  5. Nativefier (Mac) (free)
    Turn Website into Standalone Apps. . Basically websites without the URL bar and can be launched like an app.
  6. Flu.x
    Turns screen orange during night use to help you sleep better (bc blue screens keep you awake).
  7. Boom 2 (Mac) ($14.99)
    Makes music sound better on a Mac. I like my study music. For some reason the default sound is bland (iPhone even has a better base and treble). Of course everyone's taste is different, which is why this is an equalizer. I'll post my equalizer settings once I get more followers :)
  8. Feel free to comment on any apps you use!