Egyptian Arrowhead Specimens. (the List App Needs More Cool Science and History Shit.)

The following arrowheads were made by pre ancient Egyptian civilizations from a time known as the Predynastic period. They have a date range from 40,000 to 6,000 years ago. I still need some legitimate dating done for these bad boys.
  1. We searched for these at a place called Faiyum. It's all desert out there, but used to be green and lush back at that time period. It's an hour drive southwest of Cairo.
  2. We found these laying on the surface. No joke. After every major sandstorm we'd drive out and find arrowheads.
  3. There are no tourists out at these places, and you can still find awesome old artifacts.
  4. Everyone focuses on the Ancient Egyptian period and any remains of that time. So anything else is largely ignored, including all these little remnants.
  5. This goes to show that there are so many undiscovered details of ancient peoples around the world.
  6. It's crazy to think about what we may uncover. Not just in anthropology but in essentially every science, and how that may change our perspective.
  7. "We don't know what we don't know."
  8. That quote has impacted me greatly. Keep exploring.