Life on an Offshore Oil Platform

Little details of offshore life. As requested.
  1. Offshore platform operators typically work a 14 days on, 14 days off schedule.
    This is common in the Gulf of Mexico. A lot of guys love this schedule. Especially if you're single.
  2. Offshore operators aren't as rough as people assume.
    There's very little horseplay, crude behavior, or bullying these days. Everyone is scared of HR and HSE. There were a lot of stories of people being let go for minor offenses.
  3. You are required to wear a sensor on your person at all times
    Not sure how sophisticated it was, but I'm sure it was to always know where your at, in case you fall overboard.
  4. Photography outside of your living quarters isn't tolerated.
    Especially around certain new equipment. If you're caught with your phone on the deck, you could be fired.
  5. You typically eat pretty well.
    Sometimes they'll get permission to fish and you'll eat some restaurant worthy grilled red fish.
  6. If you don't know anything about SEC football, bowhunting, or any kind of hunting or fishing. You're not going to make a lot of friends.
    Just with the weird ones. And ex felon kitchen staff.
  7. I would never underestimate the intelligence of operators.
    Some of them put on an act and come off as slow. When in reality, a lot of these good old boys have grad degrees in Chem and engineering and all are making very good salaries. They do that to try to fuck with you. They think it's funny. 🙄
  8. You bring very little with you.
    Always bring Sandals, gold bond and a flashlight. Gold Bond is amazing! They do your laundry, so you could get away with one pair of work clothes for 14 days. (I don't recommend that)
  9. I actually get fantastic sleep offshore
    A full, deep 8 hours. Especially with that slight sway from a windy day. It also depends on how many roommates you have. You could have one to seven depending on which platform you're on. And you pray there's some good ventilation in that room.
  10. You sometimes get drug tested right before you fly out.
    They look for Adderall and other stimulants that can fuck with your thought process. They're really strict about that. You do need a clear head and only do one thing at a time. No energy drinks are allowed, just good ole' black coffee.