Why It Sucks to Own a Food Truck

It's often a chaotic mess. But if you're a 20 something with nothing to lose, it's glorious. I miss it now.
  1. Prepping is the worst!
    This is often overlooked initially. The amount of time to prep food/ingredients is insane.
  2. Keeping your customers up to date with your schedule.
    Let's just say mobility has its pros and cons.
  3. Keeping yourself up to date with your own fucking schedule.
    "Where are we supposed to be again!?"
  4. Health Department inspectors hate dealing with you, and they don't hide it.
    'Food truck lives matter'
  5. You will forget at least one vital cooking utensil everyday.
    Monday: tongs. Tuesday: 4/3 container lids Wednesday: to go containers. Etc.
  6. You and every article of clothing will smell of whatever you're cooking. Permanently.
    Jalapeños and flank steak. It became my musk.
  7. Expect a breakdown about once a week for no fucking reason.
    That's when you call up your buds and push that thing back at 1am
  8. Long live the Pico Norte Taco Truck