1. Jonas Brothers
    This is the first concert I remember going to. I went with my aunt, mom, brother, and sister. Big Rob came out and sang burning up with the "Bros" and I think that was the highlight of my youth.
  2. Vampire Weekend (all three times)
    I first saw them at ACL with my friends and my heart was so happy to see my favorite band for the first time. I saw them again that April with one of my best friends. We got to Stubbs at 10 am and waited all day and it was so worth it. I've never danced or sang so hard in my life it was magical. I also saw them with my family in Buffalo. It was a beautiful venue and a beautiful night to hear some beautiful songs.
  3. The Strokes 😜❤️💖😇
    At FYF I knew I liked them but after I saw them I fell in love with their music and them as a band. I saw them again at Landmark and it was good. It was solid and JC said they were going back to the studio. I saw them once more at ACL and I will never be able to explain what that concert meant to me. The only thing I can say is they played "Whatever Happened?" and that kind of explains it all.
  4. Father John Misty
    Fear Fun was one of the first albums I fell in love with when I started really getting into music. I Love You Honeybear will most likely be my favorite album of the year. So, this concert was highly anticipated. It did not disappoint in the slightest! It was truly a life changing experience. He was absolutely wonderful and it was fun and engaging and super special to me. I want to marry that concert.
  5. Mac Demarco
    To start - Mac Demarco is a god among men. His songs are carefree AND beautifully thought out masterpieces. He's naturally the coolest person on earth with a heart of gold. His concert felt like it was a huge hang out/jam session and demonstrated how talented he was. It was so much fun to watch and hear such a talented person in real life!!! He also was cool enough to stay after his show to meet a bunch of his fans.