In honor of National Signing Day
  1. In honor of college football's National Signing Day today, here's a list of the most entertaining commitments to date.
  2. Honorable Mention: Brandon Burton to UCLA 2016
    This one just happened literally last night. Bleacher Report has been putting out really well produced commitment videos recently, but this one is the best yet. Burton got creative, dressing up friends in the jersey's of schools he would be selecting from, and then shooting them with a paintball gun at a paintball park (?). Check it out
  3. 5. Nerlens Noel to Kentucky 2012
    The now Sixers PF and top player in the 2012 recruiting class, Nerlens Noel, used his famous high top to do the talking when he made his commitment. Our only question..Why wasn't the shape up fresher? A guy literally got Kobe's FACE shaved into his head ( We can assume Nerlens has upgraded his barber game since high school.
  4. 4. Isaiah Crowell to Georgia 2011
    Although Crowell's tenure at Georgia was brief, his announcement to become a Bulldog was unprecedented. If this list were "Most adorable commitments" Crowell runs away with it as he hoisted an actual bulldog Simba over Pride Rock style after committing to UGA.
  5. 3. Cliff Alexander to Kansas 2014
    Tabbed the "Hat Trick" Alexander's commitment ripped out the hearts of all Illinois basketball fans. Alexander who was one of the nation's best players and hailed from Chicago reached for an Illinois hat, instilling joy in Illini faithful, only to put the hat down and put on a Kansas hat. We highly recommend this reaction video it's beautiful.
  6. 2. Landon Collins to Alabama 2012
    The picture says it all. Collins, a native of New Orleans, chose Alabama over his hometown LSU Tigers and his mom was NOT nonchalant with how she felt about it. She proceeded to say "Go Tigers" during Collins' interview making it justifiably the most awkward commitment to date. With Collins starting for the Giants in the NFL and making millions, I'm sure those three years of watching her son play in Tuscaloosa were worth it.
  7. 1. Dre Kirkpatrick to Alabama 2009
    This is the GOAT commitment. First, Kirkpatrick says Texas has no swagger. Second, has his mom (?) open a bag which leads to another bag which leads to a box where there's another bag that finally has the Bama hat that he puts on in it. Third, Dre calls out Julio Jones with a death stare looking into the camera. Fourth, he ends with a Roll Tide, because how else would you conclude your commitment to Alabama?