You know how sometimes the pregame is better than actually going out? The same can be said for today when the Puppy Bowl is played before the Super least this analogy worked for Super Bowl XLVIII (Seahawks vs. Broncos).
  1. Bijoux is DeMarcus Ware (Broncos DE)
    You can see it in her eyes.. Despite being just 12 weeks old, Bijoux is wise beyond her y(ears). Ware has been far and away one of the best pass rushers and players in the NFL over the past decade, but today is his first Super Bowl considering he played in Dallas for 9 years.
  2. Wrinkles is Mike Tolbert (Panthers FB)
    Despite being one of the pudgier of the group..not that that's a bad thing! It's actually a really good thing! Wrinkles is rumored to have deceptive speed, just like Mike Tolbert. Tolbert is a dominant force at the dying breed of fullbacks and his ability to catch passes out of the backfield should come in handy to Carolina in short yardage and goal line scenarios tonight.
  3. Timon is Greg Olsen (Panthers TE)
    While they don't resemble each other in size (Olsen is big and Timon is tiny) their facial hair is nearly identical. Both Timon and Olsen are rocking grizzly beards.
  4. Miss Sassy is Emmanuel Sanders (Broncos WR)
    Look at that head tilt! Talk about living up to the name. Miss Sassy is as sassy as it gets. Emmanuel Sanders started stirring up controversy this week calling out Panthers CB Josh Norman for being a "media creation" rather than actually being good.
  5. Darby is C.J. Anderson (Broncos RB)
    I can feel the disappointment in Darby's eyes. C.J. Anderson was arguably the biggest bust in fantasy football this season after he was widely selected in the first round and failed to eclipse 1000 yards this season. While Darby may have 💩 the bed quite literally, Anderson 💩 the bed metaphorically. He led Denver in rushing yards in the AFC Championship, so tonight he and Darby may be able to redeem themselves.
  6. Boris is Chris Harris Jr. (Broncos CB)
    Boris may be undersized, but don't let his stature fool you. Boris is the heart and soul of Team Fluff's defense, as is Chris Harris Jr. to Denver's. While Harris Jr. doesn't receive as much attention as say Ware or Von Miller considering his position at nickelback, Harris is the 🔑 to Denver's secondary.
  7. Hank is Brad Nortman (Panthers P)
    Look at that face! Hank wouldn't hurt a fly. Hank is a punter. Brad Nortman is a punter.
  8. Gryffin is Britton Colquitt (Broncos P)
    Look at that face! Gryffin wouldn't hurt a fly. Gryffin is a punter. Britton Colquitt is a punter.
  9. Cooper is Thomas Davis (Panthers LB)
    Cooper is the best and he just gives off the vibe that he's always looking to help. Thomas Davis won the Walter Payton Man of the Year award in the 2014 season for all of the off-the-field community service. Davis also broke his arm two weeks ago in the NFC Championship and is trying to play today... On the field will do anything to help his team and off the field will do anything to help his community. Davis is the best.
  10. Kevin is Corey "Philly" Davis (Panthers WR)
    Kevin looks like he's up to something. He's plotting. That's Corey Brown. In the past two Super Bowls, under the radar guys had huge games (Malcolm Smith in 2014 and Chris Matthews in 2015). My bold prediction is Corey Brown is that guy this year. I say he goes for 100+ yards and a TD.
  11. Star is Star Lotulelei (Panthers DT)
    This is a lay up.
  12. Leah is Peyton Manning (Broncos QB)
    Yes, Leah is the leader of her team, but she looks a little worried. It's no doubt that Peyton is arguably the best QB of all time, but he's on his last leg. Manning is looking more like a game manager than the dominant force he once was. He's going to need his defense to have a hell of a game for Denver to pull this one out.
  13. Timber is Cam Newton (Panthers QB)
    Just look at how majestic Timber is. That's how Cam will look tonight when he hoists the Lombardi. Newton, the MVP is the most entertaining player in the NFL at this point, and will put on a show tonight as he has all season.